Women Empowered

Our mission is to provide a forum for women to network with other professional women, create mentoring & support opportunities & give back by empowering young women.

Our goals are:

1. Creating a powerful network through Women Empowered (WE)

2. Building relationships with corporations facilitated through WE member

3. Mentoring/coaching through break-out sessions, speakers, and open discussions

4. Young women empowerment through internships, shadowing, mentoring and scholarships

April 27, 2016 – Exceptional Women in Corporate America, Connect-Empower-Succeed

Our Panel of speakers:
Christine Moore, Deputy General Auditor, Vice President Comerica Bank

Sue Voyles, President/Founder of Logos Communications

Connie Ku, Principal Audit and Assurance at UHY Advisors MI Inc.

Aida Dismondy, Principal/CEO of the Albex Law

Our Distinguished Panel of Speakers will answer a range of questions relevant to succeeding as an entrepreneur and in your career. There will be an opportunity for audience Q&A at the end.

September 18, 2013 – Discover the Leader in You Through a Sound Body & Mind

Our speakers:
Kickoff: Mindfulness In Motion by Anuja Rajendra, Founder & CEO of BollyFit
Interactive Discussion: Finding Clarity by Renee Erlich, President of Prosperi Leadership Coaching

April 17 , 2013 – Leveraging Yourself in a Networked Society

Our speakers:
Kickoff by Terry Bean, Executive Director at 313Dlove, CEO at uNetworked,
Founder at Motor City Connect, Author, Speaker, Connector

Panel discussion by:
Denise M. Kiepper, Senior VP, Senior HR Business Partner – Fifth Third
Laurie Bradley, President – ASG Renaissance
Jennifer L. Cherry, Senior VP and CDO – Marx Layne & Co.